Open Space Observatory

21 March 2018

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Project Context

The Open Space Observatory (OSO) installation, titled ROSE, for "The Future Starts Here" at the Victora & Albert Museum, captured real-time data from the constellation of low-Earth orbit satellites tracked by the SatNOGS ground stations—a decentralized window into critical and newly accessible spacebound infrastructure.

With over 20 stations distributed globally, the decentralized network of ground stations submits satellite telemetry and meterological data to a standardized, open platform — our role in designing this exhibition was to take the data housed by this platform and visualize the information in an educational and aesthetic manner.

Kei, who had been working with OSO prior to this project (coordinating the initiative's design, development, and workshopping) built the team which would include myself and Isha Kasliwal as designers and Cory Levinson and Louis Center as engineers implementing the project. We remote-met with each other weekly and maintained a chat for ongoing discussion of the project.

Kei was our primary interface with OSO and the V&A and set the general outline and art direction of the project, which Isha and I responded to in turn.


Isha and I equally interpeted Kei's creative brief, considered the type of visualizations and data OSO produced natively, and visualize the information in an educational and aesthetic manner.

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