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Fall Element 2022

A week ago my rental vehicle’s rear window was bashed in and six day’s worth of clothing, a tent, and some other miscellaneous goods were stolen, leaving me and one of our other designers having to build our (traveling) lives back up from scratch. Over the remainder of our week traveling, we assembled a new wardrobe spanning origins from high-end south bay hypermalls, to military surplus stores on the side of the pacific highway. It was an exercise in treating ourselves as a momentary canvas.

Tlon’s Fall-Winter corporate element, E2, exists as an obvious contrast to E1, which took the form of a simple pentamerous flower. The number “5” has a lot of interesting connotations in religious/spiritual/mathematical contexts, and I’d recommend looking it up yourself. Out of many other themes, E1 can most simply be seen as an expression of a new organization’s growth, a vibrant and organic glyph exhibiting the beauty of new life. A flower is a simple thing, but it holds the universe.

A canvas is an object to realize and frame other objects. A lattice is an object that eventually disappears, granting form to wild and formless organic growth. Tlon’s second element is representative of a support structure that underlines the arc of our attention in the coming year, our hope to build a series of structures that others may grow against.


Title: Fall Element 2022

Description: Reflection on E2, Tlon's Fall-Winter 2022 corporate element

Published: Thu Oct 27 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


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