É. Urcades

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Spring Element 2023

It’s been a bitter spring in New York. As I write it’s raining and I can hear the wind outside. I know from experience I’m not equipped with wind-breaking garments this year, and no matter what I wear outside, the slightly-too-cold breeze will find its way between the weave. The wind and overcast skies are guests that have overstayed their welcome. All the same, I know I have some spring cleaning to attend to, spring reinforcement in some sense?

Regardless of how it takes form, Tlon’s Spring-Summer corporate element, E3, stands as a reminder of the brighter days of the year. We visited the museums and bore witness to objects that were more than 2000 years old. In the grand scheme of things, we’re all small, but the weight of people’s impressions on objects remains heavy. We asked ourselves what it’d feel like to surround oneself with masterwork objects that took lifetimes to complete. Would it feel like being haunted, or embraced? Our work at Tlon is to build software that lasts for hundreds of years, multiple lifetimes, or however else you want to slice and dice it. The question we find ourselves asking: How do we remind ourselves the sun is coming back?


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